The data published in the catalog on the nature of the pieces , origin , date, age , provenance and condition are only an opinion and should not be taken as fact. Buyers , therefore, must form their own opinion on them. However, to facilitate the understanding of our previous studies carried out , make the following clarification of the terms used in our cataloging, always in our opinion , for example :

Martorell : Original artist's work.
Attributed to Martorell : probably a work by the artist , although it is not certain the previous category.
Martorell Workshop : workmanship yet unidentified artist's studio , or not executed under the direction of the teacher.
Martorell Circle : an author's work without identifying which is associated with the artist mentioned.
Follower Martorell : work faithfully executed in the style of contemporary artist mentioned him .
Martorell Style : work faithfully executed in the style of the artist mentioned, at a later date .
Martorell Copy : copy of a work of that artist.
Spanish School: in our opinion , a work in this geographical demarcation.
XVI century work done in that time.
The terms signed, dated and inscribed means that the signature, date and inscription are original.
Terms carries date, signature and registration mean that these data have been added later or by a different hand.
An asterisk * preceding the appointment of the artist means that we do not have data on it.
The cataloged objects are sold with all faults and imperfections (if applicable ) .

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